Pelagic Trip for Basic Seabird Identification - (3-1/2 hr workshop)!

  • Pomerine Jaeger - Photo by Ron LeValley
  • Northern Fulmar - Photo by Ron LeValley
  • Elegant Tern - Photo by Ron LeValley
  • Pink--Footed Shearwater - Photo by Ron LeValley
  • Blac-Footed Albatross - Photo by Ron LeValley
  • California Gull - Photo by Ron LeValley

Sunday, 15 SeptemberPlease consider this SPECIAL pelagic trip, if you have been reluctant to participate in MCAS’ all-day ocean trips to view seabirds and ocean-going mammals.  We are excited and hope that many of you (and we know who you are) will sign up for this (morning) 3-½ hour trip from Fort Bragg.  Mid-September is an excellent time to see some of these ocean birds within a few miles from shore.  Plus, the seas are usually calm (it has been like a “lake” for several years that we have
conducted the all-day trips in September).

Expert biologist/leader/instructor will be Ron LeValley.  Ron is entertaining and quite
adept with his knowledge of life at sea.  He will be looking forward to helping you with facts and his wonderful stories about the ocean birds and mammals we may encounter.

Trip will be by reservation only.  Please contact Karen Havlena (
or 707-972-5440 (cell) before sending payment. 

Sorry, the boat does not have any handicapped facilities and access is very restricted.  Also, children must be 11 years of age or older.

Meeting time: September 15,  8-AM -- Noyo Harbor / TELSTAR dock (return at 12 - noon)

Cost: $55 / per person – Pre-payment by check only!  Payment details & directions will                                   be given to you by Karen.

A special confirmation will be sent to you outlining tips for snacks, clothing, and for
Karen’s trusted seasickness prevention - it works!!!  Spaces are limited on TELSTAR.

We look forward to escorting you on a fun-filled, educational trip!  Karen will attest
to the fact that 3-1/2 to 4 hours is quite safe for feeling good on the ocean.  Follow her
instructions for a carefree morning – you can’t go wrong!  We will get back to port
in time for you to have a nice lunch, then go to the botanical gardens, go shore birding,
or go shopping in the afternoon.

Welcome aboard!     --  Karen Havlena    707-972-5440 (cell)

All photographs on this page are by Ron LeValley.